Thursday, April 5, 2012

I've (Natalie) been going through the book of Acts I'm now in chapter 13 so I decided to go back and skim over the chapters i've read and see what i've underlined. I noticed a common thread in ALMOST EVERY chapter. The words "Filled with AND controlled by the Holy Spirit".

Hmmm I decided to think on it a little bit more... So as I sat there I really felt like the Holy Spirit prompted me to see what followed when those words were written.
And this is what I found..... In Acts 4:8 it says "Peter was filled with AND controlled by the Holy Spirit". Then later (in verse 14) it shows this...

WOW!!!! Then.... again in Acts 6:5 is says "Stephen was filled with AND controlled by the Holy Spirit"
So I skimmed down and look what I found just below it..

Can you just imagine with me for a minute what would REALLY happen if we would live out our lives "filled with and controlled" by the Holy Spirit. I believe that it's not enough to just be filled. We have let the Holy Spirit have free reign and control in our lives. I have to say that when this happens we will see the lame walk, the blind see, the brokenhearted made whole. There's not time for this generation to sit back and just "be filled" we have to walk it out! When we walk every day "Filled and controlled" people will NOT BE ABLE TO RESIST the wisdom we speak out and live out (like it says above in vs 10).

Today is the day to see the book of Acts come alive.....

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