Thursday, February 23, 2012

I've really been putting off writing on here but I know it's something i'm supposed to do... Mark is really more of the writer than I am. I write songs, but that's about it... I don't even journal.. haha.

I was on a flight into Dallas (just for a layover) two weeks ago coming home from the birth of my first niece Elizabeth Kate :D 

Isn't she precious?!

Anyways, On the air plane I was sitting next to an older lady (probably in her 70's) and her daughter. They were talking the whole trip. :)
Well the pilot got on the overhead speaker and said "We'll be landing in 15 minutes, weather in Dallas is very foggy with a temp of ?? degrees" (I can't remember haha).
 About 10 minutes later (still flying), the older lady looks out the window and says "OH MY GOSH YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE THE GROUND, HOW IN THE WORLD IS THE PILOT GOING TO KNOW WHERE THE GROUND IS/WHERE TO LAND?!?!?"
And her daughter calmly replied, "he just has to trust his instruments, that they know where we are, how far the ground is, he's not looking out the window".

WOW! It hit me, immediately the scripture came up in me "My word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path". (Ps 119:105) We, as Christians, have to come to a place where we JUST TRUST THE WORD (our instruments). Sometimes we're going to look "out the window" and it may be foggy and we have no idea when or where we're gonna land, or where the ground is. There may be a mountain in front of us.. but we have to trust the instruments. The word of God CAN BE TRUSTED.

The pilot that was flying us that day would have gone crazy possibly if that was his first day, don't get discouraged if you are new at trusting/learning the word. Trust isn't built overnight. He had to STUDY the way the system worked and how to respond etc.. We need to get in the Word, study it learn the heart of God, how we should be working and responding to situations. Because I can promise you, there will be a time where you look out the window and all you see is fog and you have to keep flying. God is always faithful. He's word (instrument) will NEVER fail or lead you to crash.

Friday, February 3, 2012

First Things First..

So, This is our first blog post :) I think we had good intentions of writing this together but... busyness is getting in the way, so i'll just start. Mark and I will take turns posting on here sharing our heart, our travels, and our new adventures in life together!
This is such a great season for us of growth and newness, in marriage and in us really seeking God about the future. I'm so excited about life with my amazing husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be posting more soon, busy week/weekend ahead!