Monday, March 5, 2012

It is hard to believe 2011 has come and gone so quickly! Natalie and I have been married just over six months, and of course loving every minute of it. God has blessed us more than words can tell, and we believe He will continue to as we follow His purposes and plan for our life together.

As most of you know we serve with 3D, a young adult’s ministry here at Victory Christian Center. God has been causing much growth in 3D, from salvations to physical, mental, and emotional healing. We are honored to be a part of it!

As we began making plans for our one year wedding anniversary we believe God spoke to our hearts to invest in that of eternal value, rather than a romantic getaway. We are all about the romantic get away, but we believe that when God gives direction it is wise to obey. 

So we have committed to travel to Oaxaca, Mexico from June 11- 23, with a 3D group, to bring the good news of Jesus to a place with the highest concentration of “unreached” people groups in the Western Hemisphere. We will be traveling through the mountains and along the coast to minister in schools and universities. We will be serving the local tribe pastors by bringing food and working on community projects in their villages. We will have the opportunity to reach people in a place where witchcraft, idolatry and sickness are so prevalent. Natalie and I pray daily that God would break our hearts for what His heart is breaking for.

We ask that you would consider partnering with us by supporting us prayerfully and/or financially. The total trip cost, including our expenses will be $5,675.
We’re believing for 50 people to sow a gift of $100.00, or whatever God lays on your heart to sow. We love you all, and thank you for taking the time to hear our heart. A financial gift of any size is tax deductible, once you give I will send you back a receipt!  

Luke 6:38-“Give, and it will be given to you. You will have more than enough….The way you give to others is the way you will receive in return.”

Thanks so much, 
Mark and Natalie

We recently mailed out missions postcards, If you didn't get a postcard mailed to you from us and would like one just message me your address and I send it out! OR if you are interested in joining the team that's going you're more than welcome!!! Message me for details :)


You can give by mailing a check to:
Mark and Natalie Kresge
2422 East 59th Court #4
Tulsa, OK 74105

Or online with a credit/debit card: using our email address: